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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Real Estate – Current Conditions Create Buying Opportunities

The Fairfield County real estate market is rebounding from the nationwide drop in real estate values caused by the real estate crisis of the past several years. Fairfield County prices has stabilized and begun to rebound. At the same time, mortgage interest rates are at or near all time lows.

Historically, real estate in Fairfield County […]

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Estate Planning Opportunities

The uncertainty experienced several years ago with Federal Estate and Gift Tax rates and exemptions has been eliminated, at least for the foreseeable future. This allows for more certainty in establishing and estate plan that can eliminate, or at least minimalize, taxes that will be due upon death.

The Federal exemption is tied to inflation. For […]

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Connecticut Probate – Not a Bad Thing

Many commentators stress a need to “avoid Probate” as if it is a costly and time consuming thing. Over the past decade, the Probate process in Connecticut has been streamlined and simplified making the overall process less costly and less time consuming. Having the Probate Court involved assures that you have an independent entity ensuring […]

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Why You Need a Will

People often say, “I don’t have a large estate so I don’t need a Will”.  Everyone should have a Will.  If you have children you should have a Will to direct who will be the Guardian of your children if both you and the child’s other parent both die before the child is 18 years […]

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